Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a method that allows you to end your marriage or relationship in a civilized, dignified and respectful manner. It allows you to have control over the outcome and recognizes the importance of the future relationship that you may still continue to have. The collaborative method recognizes the harm that litigation can cause to you and your children and allows you both to come up with agreements while maintaining your integrity.

In a collaborative law divorce, both spouses or partners are represented by an attorney who is trained in collaborative law. Each of the spouses or partners and the attorneys sign an agreement setting forth their intention to try and resolve all issues present in the divorce without resorting to litigation. Because the agreement states that both attorneys must remove themselves from further representation of their client in the event of a trial, all of the parties work collaboratively in coming up with a resolution of the issues.

Collaborative Law focuses on the future and in meeting the needs that you have so that you can leave the process ready to move forward. It focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses or fault. By doing this we are able to come up with more options and strategies for meeting everyone’s needs. You are in a much better position to make decisions about your children and property.

Unlike litigation, when using this method couples share complete financial information so that each can make a well-informed decision. Confidentiality is maintained during the process so that you can feel free to express any needs and concerns that you have.

Collaborative divorce is right for you if you want to work in a collaborative atmosphere rather than an adversarial one, if you would prefer and open and honest process, if you want to be treated with respect and dignity while negotiating your agreement, if it is important to you to have your children’s needs made an integral part of the solution, if you prefer to preserve as much of your family’s resources as possible, or if you want to find ways to build a positive co-parenting relationship for the future.

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