Divorce Mediation is another option for resolving the issues around separation and divorce. It involves a neutral, trained mediator to work with the two of you to discuss all of the issues related to your family issues, to explore many options for settlement, and to help you identify solutions that meet the needs of you and your family. It involves empowering each of the parties so that you can self-determine the answers to the issues that bring you to the table.

I have been mediating cases for approximately 13 years and teach divorce mediation in various venues each year. I believe strongly that when you have the safe place, structure and mediator to help you and your partner have a good conversation, you can come up with the options and strategies that fit your situation best.

Other neutral experts, such as financial specialists or child specialists, can be utilized in mediation if that becomes necessary.

Having a neutral mediator helps you with the issues around co-parenting, cash flow (support) and division of property allows you to have control over the outcome and to craft a resolution that works for you.

We normally work in two-hour blocks of time to allow processing and obtaining any information that is necessary to the process in between meetings. Having all of the information that you need is necessary to coming up with a resolution that is durable and meets of the needs of the parties.

In court the decisions affecting the rest of your life are taken out of your hands and placed in the hands of a Judge who knows very little about you.

In mediation the two of you, with all of the knowledge necessary regarding your life, make the decision.